A Scene Editor for the Decentraland SDK by THE HUB DAO

The perfect solution for working with the Decentraland SDK

DCL-Edit is an editor that was created to simplify your workflow when developing with the Decentraland SDK. In DCL-Edit, objects can be placed and manipulated just like in any other state-of-the-art game engine.


Changes to a scene have immediate effect and can be tested right away on your local server. Entities can be given identifiers that can instantly be referenced in your code (see example below).


This saves you from time-consuming, repetitive tasks that were necessary in order to get your game entities right.

What’s the advantage over the Decentraland builder?

The Decentraland builder works fine until you reach a certain level of complexity in your game logic. Also, the capabilities are restricted to what the available assets provide.


The solution to this is using the Decentraland SDK, which allows you to code complex logic for your entities. But when doing so, you can’t easily set up your scene anymore. The only way to position, scale and rotate your entities is doing so by code.


DCL-Edit is designed to work seamlessly together with the SDK.